Gilbert Jacob Huber - Mabel Williams

1st marriage

Mabel died of (????).

John Bainbridge Huber - Clara Rowe

(John committed suicide when his oldest son John Peter was 17 yrs. old, and his wife Clara was pregnant with Nancy)

Gilbert Huber - Joyce Coachman   —   3rd marriage

Gilbert and Joyce started their marriage out with John who was 2 years old at the time. Gilbert and Joyce’s first child, David, died after living just a short time. Bill, (William), the oldest, was born a “blue baby” who almost died. He required a lot of special attention from Joyce. She was told not to get too attached to Bill. Joyce had twins after Gilberto: James and Joyce (Blumer).  James died shortly after birth.  Bill, was born in (?). Gilberto and Joyce were born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Gilbert had 4 partners in a business in Rio. When they broke up, Gilbert started an Automobile Glass Business in Ohio. Hentz was born in Lakewood, Ohio and Peter (the youngest) was born in (?), Ohio. Gilbert and Joyce lived in the United States during the big Depression. They did laundry, baked bread, did any menial jobs to survive.

Gilberto Huber (nickname Luke) (Birth name was originally Gilbert Jacob Huber, Jr) -

Nancy Elizabeth Hamlin Huber - 1st marriage

(Nancy remarried and is now called Nancy Hamlin Neele.)

Joyce ??? Blumer -

Werner ??? Blumer

(Werner - falecido - passed away)

Hentz Coachman Huber Delia Cenira Bueno Netto

1st marriage

Peter Huber -

Thelma Jean Mackay

Married name:

Thelma Jean Huber

Text Box: Bill Coach-
man Huber - Carol ??
1st marriage

Carol lived for about 20 years in a lovely old farm house in the Auvergne in France, but now lives in the UK on the Isle of Wight.

John Peter Huber - Phylis Lilian Huber (born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

(John Peter died of lung cancer)

Thorne ??? Huber -

Suzanne Gaye Sutton

1st marriage

(Thorne left Suzanne while she was pregnant with Kimberly who never met her father Thorne)

Text Box: Darby ???  ???

David ???  -

Phylis Lilian Huber

(David’s 1st marriage -

Phylis’ 2nd marriage)

Morgan ??? Huber

Morgan is a manager of a Senior Citizens’ Community in Florida. He has played in many bands. He plays bass, piano, mandolin, guitar, a little fiddle, accordion, drums (if he has to), and just about anything with strings. He has recorded a few albums and now records from home. The type of music he plays is folk, country rock, and just about anything that is needed, as he is a side man. Morgan is also into remote control aircraft as a hobby and enjoys that quite a bit. His favorite is a $3,000 remote helicopter that he can fly right from his back yard. He is a quiet, reclusive type of person. He has left the wild side rock and roll days behind him now.

Nancy Lenore Huber

(Nancy moved to California to attend College. She left with a stranger from a house party at College and was murdered (found dead, strangled).  She was only 20 years old. The man who killed her, only received a full sentence after yet another killing (It’s the "3 strikes you're out" law). Clara Rowe, her mother, always became very distressed with that law, because if the murderer had not been given a second and a third chance, he would not have killed Nancy (who was his second victim), or the one after her (the third victim).

Text Box: Holly ??

Holly now 46, lives and works at Ampney Knowle in Glouces-tershire, UK

Bill ?? Huber -

Gail Toomey

2nd marriage

Text Box: Noah ? Huber - 
Roxanne Spranger Huber 

Roxanne is from Holland.

They got married Aug. 13,
2010,  in Sedona, Arizona

graduated in Fine Arts and Photogra-

Pamela Ann Huber -

Pedro Deodoro Martins Fontes (deceased in 1994)

1st marriage

Alberto Huber Martins Fontes - Marina Paranhos

Pamela Ann Huber Glendinning -

Richard Norris Glendinning

2nd marriage


Married on Joyce Coachman Huber’s birthday, May 5th, 1990

They live in Savannah, Georgia. Pamela is an Artist - hand made costume Jewelry

Columbia Huber Glendinning

Lives in

Savannah, Georgia

Analisa Coachman Huber 

- Richard Mark Staviack

(Richard died of bone cancer)


Lisa runs a Bakery and Hotel Food and Drink Counseling, in São Paulo.

Philip Mark Staviack - Julianna

Expecting their first baby in May of 2011.


Philip handles big accounts for a large Brazilian Bank.

They live in Curitiba, Parana.

Alexandre Mark Staviack

A Gynecologist Doctor - in the Brazilian Army, currently serving in Manaus, Amazonia.

Valerie Huber -

Donald Everette Lewis

1st marriage

(Donald died of cirrhosis of the liver)


Valerie Administers English Courses and Teaches Advanced English.  She lives in Santana de Parnaiba, São Paulo.

Luar Lewis Bercht -

Christian Bercht

Married Sept. 22, 2007


Luar is an Economist, running a World Class Business Rating Agency .


They live in Alphaville, São Paulo.

Valerie Huber -

Heleno Silva

2nd relationship

Albert Joseph Hamlin Huber -

Martha Marques dos Santos

1st marriage


Martha lives in the Isle of Man, and runs the Office of a Brazilian Coffee exporter

Albert Joseph Hamlin  Huber -

Claudia Motta Cesar

2nd marriage


Claudia lives in Niteroi - She works in Engineering and Decoration: Shops, Homes and Offices.

Text Box: Anna Donato 
(Martha’s daughter)
(raised by Albert)

Married - lives in the US (New Jersey maybe?)

Carolina Marques dos Santos Huber (Albert and Martha’s daughter, raised by Martha)


Lives in Miami, Florida. Wants to finish her studies in the US, in acting 

Sarah Cesar Huber


Sarah just graduated with a major in Industrial Design. She lives in Niteroi

Raphael Cesar Huber


Studying Petroleum Engineering at the University in Rio, graduating in 2011.

Albert Joseph Hamlin Huber -

Gleiva Nangela Pinheiro Vilela

3rd marriage


They run a neighborhood newspaper in Butantã - São Paulo.

Wendy Blumer Abdollahi -

Akbar Abdollahi

Married October 19,1985 in Dallas, Tx.

Andrew Blumer Abdollahi

Text Box: David ??? Blumer - Denise ???

Philip Blumer Abdollahi

Linny ??? -

Mark Kenney

Text Box: Olívia ??? Blumer

Werner Kenney-Blumer

Xandra Kenney-Blumer

Matti Kenney-Blumer

Lucy Dworakowski Blumer-

Paulo Dworakowski

Text Box: Noah ?? Dworakowski
Text Box: Olenka ?Dworakowski

Peter Blumer -

Roberta Martins Blumer

Married May 4th, 1985

Thomas Martins Blumer

Victor Martins Blumer


David Martins Blumer

Gilbert Jacob Huber,3rd

Cecilia Barreira e Castro

2nd marriage

Victoria de Castro Huber

Scarlet Cenira Bueno Netto Huber -

Mark Van Horn

Isadora de Castro Huber

Carolina Adelia Van Horn

Julia Alice Van Horn

Sidney Huber -

Mara Lynn Chess

1st marriage

Sidney Michael Huber

(He just  returned from living in Ceara, northern Brazil, with Linny and her family for about one year. He moved to NY City where he plans on working and studying. He is a firm believer that everyone should go to Brazil for awhile. He LOVED it. Brazil did him wonders!!! He came back a different person, improved in every area. He returned to live in Ceara, Brazil, in March of 2010. He felt loved, accepted and in tune with nature which is his thing. Sidney Michael wants to have a very small carbon footprint. He worked in the US, in NY City, for about 2 months (Dec 2010 - Jan 2011) and had a real cultural shock this time. It really disappointed him to realize how the US culture has changed. He felt people are sucked in to their electronics, to an extreme.  It’s all about Facebook, texting, chatting, e-mailing, computers, gaming, social networking, etc. He noticed there’s very limited real people interaction one with another, even though everyone thinks they are interacting with others.

Rebecca Sensa Huber

(falecida - passed away at 4 yrs.old on April 4, 1996

Cynthya Maria Huber -

Lee Roy McClellan

1st marriage

Marcos Jeffrey McClellan

Sean Andrew McClellan

Krista Monique McClellan

Cynthya Maria McClellan

Ben John Fornshell

2nd marriage

Hentz - Nancy Koch

2nd marriage

(Nancy died of cancer in

2004 (?) )

While Hentz was still married to Nancy in Rio, Hentz pulled up in front of their  house, in a yellow (?) bug, with Tilly pregnant on the passenger seat. Nancy and Andrew (4 at the time) were in the front yard. Andrew recalls that Nancy asked Hentz: “Who is that?”

Andrew was raised in Rio (?) until he was 13 yrs. old.  He lived in Holland for 2 1/2 yrs. with Hentz, Nancy, Nancy’s other 3 children from a previous marriage (and Gilbert who was a pre-teen at the time, Hentz’ oldest son with Delia)

Text Box: Andrew Charles Huber -  Heather ????
1st marriage

Douglas Max Huber

Andrew Charles Huber -

Kay Bruene Sassani

2nd marriage

What attracted Andrew to Kay in his words was that : “She let’s me be myself.”

What attracted Kay to Andrew in her words : “His honesty, his unconditional love for me, the respect he shows for me, and that he allows me to be myself.”

Andrew has custody of Doug and Kay enjoys being Doug’s friend.

Krista Renee Sassani

(Kay’s daughter)

Alan Mackay  Huber -

Joan Rayhill

1st relationship

Max Eshom Huber

Alan Mackay  Huber - Fanchea O’Brien (She goes by Fawn)

2nd relationship

Lance Hudson Huber

Douglas Hentz Coachman Huber

Anne Stewart

1st marriage

Peter Canyon Huber

Skye Magic Huber

Douglas Hentz Coachman Huber 

Sheri LeVasseur

2nd marriage

Mara Luar Huber

Twin: Odessa ??? Huber

Pebo Huber (at marriage became Pebo Voss) - Ben Voss (Ben died at age 32 from  Leukemia)

Marlowe R.P.Voss

Penelope-Myles Vivian Voss

Ivan Patrick Huber

Alain Timon Huber - Ana ???

He was born in Salvador .

She was born in Rio de Janeiro.

Nicole Danae Huber

Kimberly Elizabeth Sprow -

Duanne Edward Sprow

Text Box: Nathaniel  ????

Polly  Rebecca Elizabeth Johnson


(Polly looks forward to meeting her recently found sister Kim Sprow, (above), and the rest of the family. Polly is very interested in knowing her history.  She has wondered for years about her paternal side of the family. Polly is getting married to Robert L. Ring, Jr. in Cape Coral, Florida, on May 21st, 2011. This is her first marriage. In her own words, Polly is a “family girl at heart and would like to share her happy life with us”.

Sidney Huber -

Ingrid Stoeckicht

2nd marriage

Text Box: Gustavo ????
(filho da Ingrid)

Hentz Coachman Huber

Tilly Huber-Buchwaldt

3rd marriage

Fiona  Petronella ??? Huber

Gilberto Huber (Luke) - Tisuko Nakano

2nd marriage

João Paranhos Martins Fontes

Born in 2009 in SãoPaulo

Gilbert - Mabel Moyer

2nd marriage

Mabel died of the Flu 2 weeks after John’s birth. John was left in the United States with some of Gilbert’s good friends for 2 years. After Gilbert married Joyce, he and she went to the US to pick up the 2 yr. old John who immediately had a German (?) nanny.

Text Box: Gilbert Huber - Ruth Norby (married the same wife twice due to financial (?) reasons) 4th and 5th marriages
Gilbert died in California, USA, of   ??? at age ????

Alan Mackay  Huber -

Lynn Rosensweig,

1st marriage

Text Box: Gilbert Jacob Huber 3rd Beatriz ???
1st marriage
Text Box: Thorne ??? - ????
2nd marriage
(Thorne died of  cirrhosis of the liver)
Text Box: Hentz - Dora ???
4th relationship

After crossing in front of a bus which was stopped at a red light on the lane closest to him, a second bus, going through the red light at a good speed, struck Hentz who was in a coma for 9 days, then passed away. He had already broken up with Dora.
Text Box: This is a Family Tree and a bit of Family History gathered from conversations in Nyack.
…………..  means the information is incomplete. Please send corrections and information. Thank you.
The First Generation is RED
The Second Generation is Yellow
The Third Generation is Green
The Fourth Generation is Blue
The Fifth Generation is Light Blue

Tanya Blumer Abdollahi

Twin: Zoe ???? Huber

Tom Timon Huber Hall

Carmen Huber Hall

David ??? -

Marasha ???

They were married for many years in the US, and lived in Vermont. They had no children. David died of lung cancer in Montgomery, Alabama where he had moved to escape the cold of New England, after they split-up. Marasha had his body cremated.

Nickolas Timon Huber 

Born in Florida, USA in 1995

Lyla Ann Huber 

Born in Florida, USA in 1998

Text Box: Raphael Donato de Leao 
(Anna Donato’s son)